Call for Nominations: Best Mentor in Health Research Award

best mentor 2021 extended

The Department of Science and Technology-Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (DOST-PCHRD) recognizes the vital role of the research mentor who selflessly shares knowledge and skills, instills values and attitudes, and inspires those involved in the research process, thereby creating an enabling environment and contributing to capacity-building in research.

The Best Mentor Award is offered biennially to recognize and reward mentors in health research who have built the capacities of researchers in the health sector and, in the process, propelled significant advances in the Philippine National Health Research System’s (PNHRS) thrusts as identified in the National Unified Health Research Agenda (NUHRA). Awardees will be selected per cluster (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and NCR) and categorized according to their mentees (Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students and Junior/Early Career Researchers). Also, national winners will be chosen for each category who will be awarded during the PNHRS Week Celebration.


Best Mentor Award recognizes excellence in mentorship that results in productivity of mentees in health research.


A. Who can nominate

The nominating party may be any of the following:

• head of the nominee’s institution or immediate supervisor
• colleague/s
• trainee/s
• student/advisee

Self-nomination is not allowed.

B. Who can be nominated

1. must be a Filipino citizen
2. must be with appropriate or relevant academic qualifications
3. must be actively involved in mentoring researchers/students or colleagues for at least 3 years
4. has a good track record as a researcher in terms of any of the following: publication, product development or policy formulation
5. professionally involved in health research activities either as a research program/project leader, principal and co-principal investigator, mentor/adviser/trainer, or author/co-author
6. actively involved in health research activities in the last 5 years such as conduct of research training and extension work, paper presentations, fund generation, research promotion and networking, research agenda setting, and capacity-building activities

*Winners are ineligible for subsequent nominations, while non-winners are still eligible for nominations if they submit a new set of documents but not for consecutive calls of nomination

How to nominate

Submit the recommendation form and documents (either personally delivered, by courier, or thru email) to the secretariat for the screening and awarding at the regional level.

Regional Director
Department of Science and Technology – X
J.V. Seriña St., Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City

For completed DOST-PCHRD and ASTHRDP scholars, submit entries to DOST-PCHRD for screening and endorsement of the PCHRD Scholar’s Society (PSS).

For the qualified nominees

The requirements below should be submitted within the deadline

1. Five (5) hard copies of the following documents:
1.1. Accomplished curriculum vitae of the nominee using the prescribed format for Best Mentor Award

1.2. A narrative description (1,000-1,500 words) of the nominee’s mentoring activities, accompanied by supporting documents, e.g. photos and other relevant documentation.

1.3. Description of other achievements attained related to health research for the last 5 years, including supporting documents e.g. photocopy of certificates of recognition/awards/honors received by the nominee, which are relevant to the nominee’s eligibility criteria in Section B. Who can be nominated

2. Cite names of 5 mentees, their achievements in research, and a narrative description of the nominee’s contribution to the success of each mentored research.

To be submitted in a folder with proper tabbing and table of contents. Supplemental documents and/or verifications may be required as deemed necessary.

Please submit only soft copies of the documents stated above in this drive: 2021 Best Mentor in Health Research Award

You may use hyperlinks instead of page numbers for the table of contents. Hard copies will be requested at the next level of the selection process.

Nominate your favorite health research mentor by following the guidelines here: 2021 Best Mentor Guidelines

Announcement of Winners and Prizes

All qualified nominees will receive certificates of recognition.

Regional Winner

Mentors of Undergraduate Students                 P10,000.00
Mentors of Graduate Students                          P10,000.00
Mentors of Junior/Early Career Researchers    P15,000.00

Cluster Winners from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and National Capital Region will receive respective cash prizes and plaques of recognition.

Mentors of Undergraduate Students                 P50,000.00
Mentors of Graduate Students                          P50,000.00
Mentors of Junior/Early Career Researchers    P100,000.00

National Winners for each category will receive respective additional cash prizes and trophies which will be awarded during the PNHRS Week Celebration.

Mentors of Undergraduate Students                 P150,000.00
Mentors of Graduate Students                          P150,000.00
Mentors of Junior/Early Career Researchers    P200,000.00

Consortium: May 21, 2021